Studying the Ways to Dispose Waste Products from Tourists --- Residents of Near-Earth and Near-Lunar Station-Hotels

Authors: Ivanov I.K., Pugachenko S.E., Tkachev N.A. Published: 30.04.2020
Published in issue: #2(131)/2020  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2020-2-34-51

Category: Aviation and Rocket-Space Engineering | Chapter: Innovation Technologies of Aerospace Engineering  
Keywords: orbital station-hotel, space tourist, waste disposal, ballistic capsule, incinerator, Heat Melt Compactor, expendable cargo spacecraft

The paper deals with manned orbital station-hotels built for regular visits of space tourists. The purpose of the study was to find a rational method to dispose waste products from the orbital station operation. For three options of the crew number, we introduce four ways to dispose waste products from tourists --- residents of the near-еarth and near-lunar orbital station-hotels. During the study, we used a system analysis method and developed a mathematical model of the manned space infrastructure. We estimated the effect of each method on economic costs in the design, manufacture and operation of the orbital stations and carried out a comparative analysis of the possible methods of waste disposal. Based on the results obtained, we propose rational options for both orbital stations. As a criterion of rationality, we chose indicators of program costs and unit costs for one visit by one tourist


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