Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Water Injection on Low-Power Gas Turbine Plant Parameters

Authors: Burtsev G.N., Run'ko V.V., Shleynikov N.V., Shevelev D.V., Gridchin N.V. Published: 14.09.2017
Published in issue: #5(116)/2017  

DOI: 10.18698/0236-3941-2017-5-122-131

Category: Power Engineering | Chapter: Turbomachines and Combination Turbine Plants  
Keywords: micro gas turbine, water injection, simple cycle, performance, experimental investigation

The article presents experimental investigation results for the effect that water injection has on the parameters of a single-shaft simple-cycle gas turbine plant. The injection happens after the compressor, before the combustion chamber for idle speed, 50 % and 90 % load modes. Over the course of the experiment we determined the following parameters as functions of the water amount injected: fuel consumption, turbine outlet temperature, vibration and emission engine characteristics. An automatic engine control system kept the engine power and speed constant. We determined that water injection decreases the required initial turbine inlet temperature by 1,5...2 % per one percent (of air consumption) of water injected and increases specific fuel consumption by 1,5...2 % per one percent of water injected. We detected no measurable effect on vibration and emission engine characteristics. If the initial turbine inlet temperature remains constant, we can expect an increase in the gas turbine power of 5...5,8 % per one percent of water injected


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