Study of fuel jet evolution in diesel combustion chambers

Authors: Rudakov V.Yu., Karelin A.N. Published: 10.06.2013
Published in issue: #4(89)/2012  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: Meshchersky equation, zone and turbulent fuel jets, engine with transparent windows, regime of combustion bomb, regime of diesel fuel combustion, high-speed shooting, injection duration

A method for calculation of the fuel jet evolution in the open combustion chambers of diesels is created. The method can take into account the impact of the rising edge of the hydro-pulse of injection pressure and the feeding of the jet with the atomized fuel and makes it possible to improve the precision of calculation of the fuel jet range. The experimental studies of the influence of the injection pressure, air charge density and diameter of the atomizing openings as well as of the thermal and gas-dynamical effect of air charge upon the fuel jet evolution are performed.