Studying the Process of Rupture of Flat Ferroalloy Ingots in the Jaw Crusher Workspace with Allowance for Impact Loading

Authors: Kuzbakov Zh.I. Published: 29.05.2014
Published in issue: #3(96)/2014  


Category: Production Process Procedures and Machines  
Keywords: impact loading, crushing chamber, breaking strain, impact, elastic wave, wave equation, flat ingot, contact deformation, crushing plate

The process of high-strength material rupture in the workspace of a jaw crusher is analyzed. It is noted that an optimal variant of deforming a material to fracture is tension which provides a minimum load on the main machine assemblies and parts. A force for material rupture in the crushing chamber of a jaw crusher is determined from wave equations taking into account the impact loading and the specificity of the material to be crushed; both lateral and longitudinal impacts are also considered. Solutions to the wave-type equation are obtained using discontinuous functions. A relative deformation of a material lump is connected with the deformation speed by the certain functional relationship. The lump deformation at the time of impact is fully determined by a speed of the moving jaw of the crusher and does not depend on its mass. There are impact-and-jaw crushers based on the mentioned principles. The simplified formulas are obtained for determination of maximal impact loads, at which the material rupture occurs. For creating predominantly tensile loads in the crushing chamber of a crusher, new constructions of crushing plates are proposed, for which the patents of Kazakhstan and Ukraine are received.


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