Induction-metallurgic method for hardening the large surfaces

Authors: Zaichenko Yu.A., Kazennov N.P., Kazintsev N.V., Kosarevsky V.V., Khoruzhy G.A. Published: 29.03.2015
Published in issue: #3(36)/1999  


Category: Production Process Procedures and Machines  

Induction surfacing technology is developed for components of large area; surfacing defects of metallurgical nature are classified. To increase crack resistance of deposited metal, the technological procedure is proposed consisting in reinforcement of the hardening layer by wire materials. It is shown that reinforcing by wire of 3 mm diameter and using surfacing mixtures УСЧ-35 and ПГС-27 being applied to friction assemblies of axial bearings and buffers, improves welding quality and technological properties of overlaying and produced joints.