Development of Computer-aided System for Scientific and Engineering Calculations of Thermodynamical, Optical and Transport Characteristics of Gas and Plasma Active Media and Construction Materials of Power Plants

Authors: Protasov Yu.S., Protasov Yu.Yu., Telekh V.D. Published: 26.01.2014
Published in issue: #3(52)/2003  


Category: Fundamental Problems of Mechanical Engineering  

Results of the study and development of program components are given for dedicated databases and banks of the computer-aided system " ASNIR-TOT-MGTU Thermodynamics, Optics, Transport" being created for scientific and engineering calculations of thermodynamical, optical and transport characteristics of plasma-producing elements of construction materials (metals, dielectrics, semiconductors) and gas plasma active media having various chemical and ionization compositions in a wide range of temperatures, densities and quantum energy. Structures of the "ASNIR" complex, program components, dedicated databases and banks are described. Results of the numerical simulation and comparative analysis of calculated characteristics with experimental data are given.