Determination of Factor of Fuel Burn-out Completeness with Primary and Additional Heat-up of Gases in Combustion Chambers and Micro-jet Systems of Gas-turbine Engines

Authors: Pchyolkin Yu.M., Lebedev V.P., Goncharenko Ye.Ye., Yeliseeva N.M., Zhivov G.I. Published: 31.01.2014
Published in issue: #3(56)/2004  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  

A problem of a correct estimation of the thermal perfection of micro-jet fuel-burning systems requires taking into account the possible fuel under-burning. Widely used in thermal engineering, heat balance equations for combustion chambers, in a part concerning the computational estimation of enthalpy of combustion materials, a priori were formed with the assumption of the 100% fuel burn-out. This causes the necessity to derive more strict balance equations. In connection with this, results of computational and experimental studies of the fuel burn-out completeness are presented versus the mode and construction parameters of the tested system of the primary and additional gas-turbine combustion chambers with micro-jet elements.