Substantiation of Control and Protection System of Trickling Radiative Cooler for Realization of Prescribed Sequence Diagram of Unit Operation

Authors: Nechaev M.V., Nechaev V.Yu. Published: 29.08.2013
Published in issue: #3(84)/2011  


Category: Power-generating and Transport Machine Building  
Keywords: space experiment, low-potential heat, heat removal, radiative cooler, onboard control system

A problem of low-potential heat removal in space is discussed. A trickling radiative cooler is used for efficient solving of this problem. The new module of the trickling radiative cooler and its prototype-predecessor as well as the controlsystem arrangement and operation are considered. The control system of the new module is compared to that of the prototype. A number of key improvements in the new control system is indicated which makes it possible to improve the performance of the aggregate as a whole.