Selection of Criteria and Determination of Their Values for Estimating the Phase Interaction Behavior in Two-Phase Turbulent Jets

Authors: Zuev Yu.V. , Lepeshinskii I.A. , Reshetnikov V.A. , Istomin Ye.A.  Published: 11.09.2013
Published in issue: #1(86)/2012  


Category: Simulation of Processes  
Keywords: two-phase jet, gas, particles, turbulence, similarity criteria

The known classifications of two-phase turbulent flows are considered which can be used for development of mathematical models of these flows. The values of a relative diameter of particles and Stokes number are determined, at which a particle size ceases to influence the turbulence characteristics of phases in the two-phase jet. In this case particles can be regarded as a passive impurity, and a mathematical model of a single-phase jet with the variable density can be used.